Hanoi: Musician in traditional dress at the Temple of Literature. This is the first picture of a series taken in Hanoi. Hanoi is the political heart of Vietnam, but Saigon (now called Ho Chi Minh City) is the commercial heart of the country. Sa Pa:  H'mong girl from Lau Chai, a tiny town near Sapa in Northwest Viet Nam. The photos in this series were taken while walking on trails high in the mountains where several groups of hill tribes lead traditional life styles in tiny villages surrounding the market town of Sa Pa.
Hanoi Area: Limestone towers like this can be seen at Tam Coc and also in Ha Long Bay. The fog and clouds lend a surreal quality to the scenery. Legend says that the area was formed by a dragon as he traveled from the mountains to the ocean. Also included are photos from Hoa Lu and Bat Trang. Central and Southern Viet Nam: A Hindu temple at My Son - an archaeological site with structures dating from the 2nd to the 15th Centuries. Also in this series are photos from Hoi An, Danang, the Marble Mountains, the Saigon area and the Mekong Delta.
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