Costa Rica
El Fortín Cow's Tongue Fish Tail Palm tiny mushrooms Columnea Purperata
Rara Avis Tractor Hot Lips Hot Lips Blood of Christ Vencejo Falls
Red Columnea Jim Unidentified Flower Tortugero River Water Hyacinth
Great Egret Three-toed Sloth Green Heron Comenseco Bats Spider monkey
Sungrebe Bare-throated Tiger Heron Tricolor Heron Hibiscus village path
Cacho Negro Mountains south of San Jose Banana Blossom Torch Ginger Fer-de-Lance
Golden Eyelash Viper Red Eyed Tree Frog Purple Galinule Orosi Gorge Huntleya Burtii Orchid
Scarlet-rumped Tanager Black Vulture Black Iguana White-faced Capuchin Monkey Two-toed Tree Sloth
Fiery-billed Aracari Agouti hawk Spectacled Caiman Green Iguana
Volcán Poás Jim & Darlene Mountain Jumper Grasshopper Green Malachite Butterfly Costus Flower
Poison Arrow Frog Golden Orb Weaver turtle Monteverde Muddy Road Resplendent Quetza
Dutchman's Pipe Emerald Toucanet Turkey Tail Fungus Volcán Arenal Green Eyelash Viper
Lobelia Paca King Vulture White Collared Peccary Caucel (Margay)
Darlene on Alejandro's lancha Cashew Fruit Caiman Spectacled Caiman Green-backed Heron
Jesus Christ Lizard Jesus Christ Lizard Ringed Kingfisher Ringed Kingfisher Green Iguana
Northern Jacana Lodojo Amazon Kingfisher Monstera Volcán Irazú