Lost in the Jungle Approaching Angkor Wat Girl selling cakes Naga in front of library
Two monks at Angkor Wat Main complex of Angkor Wat Rent-a-horse Monk at Angkor Wat
Door to central complex Gate to Angkor Thom God King above gate Apsara Temple Dancers
Demons holding Naga Doors of Bayon Doorway into Bayon center Girl fanning Darlene
Wall of Garudas Five headed horse Little girl selling souvenirs Elephants walking by
Flute player in hidden passageway Temple of the Tight Rope Walkers Thommanon Apsara Temple Dancers
Banyan Tree on the God King in 1968 Courtyard with Banyan Roots Courtyard with Banyan Roots Old man sweeping
Boy selling fiddle in 1968 Shy Cambodian boy Wagon as taxi ...this little piggy went to market...
Five on a motorcycle Motorcycle with two young monks Dinner theater

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